Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dragonball Zoo 2: Sparkling Wonder Blast Unite

i went to vegas, and drew some shit. after losing 60 bucks in roulette at the mirage, i decided to spend even more money to get into their zoo thing. they had my favorite animal, dolphins.

things that like to eat stoners
also at the mirage, jungle cats. the mandalay bay had an aquarium, and i drew their sharks. the lady there told me how to tell which ones were dudes. all of these are dudes. ALSO, the golden nugget had a water slide that went through a fucking shark tank. i did it 28 times.

birds and shit
also when to the la zoo, drew some flamingos, a turtle who was too stupid to notice he was standing in water, and a parrot and a drowsee. i also drew seagulls while surfing in santa monica.

and elephants. the new exhibit at the la zoo, which looks like jurassic park.

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  1. Cool studies! I haven't checked out the new elephant exhibit at the zoo yet, but if you say it looks like Jurassic Park I've definitely got to see it now.