Monday, October 19, 2009

patronizing monkey

animation of a monkey listening to a story he doesn't care about. he's not trying to pretend to listen or care, he's almost blatantly mocking the story teller.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


recently i discovered taquitos. they are unbelievably tasty. 711 has these buffalo chicken ones, 3 for $3.33. its the bomb. i've been frequenting 711 just for those. and big gulps of course.

Monday, October 5, 2009


one thing that bugs me in animation is when teeth are connected to the lips. i used to do it too, now i over compensate by putting as much space between kissers and chompers as i can.


shadows rule. they're like the sun's drawings of you. i like animating shadows, it gives even the plainest background a cool atmosphere.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

bread sandwich

a bread sandwich is when you substitute the meat, vegetables, and condiments in a sandwich with another slice of bread. basically, its just three slices of bread. liz (who is a man, despite his name and appearance) has to eat these because he's usually too broke to buy other foods. this is how he feels about bread sandwiches.

loop climbing

just a test of a floppy person climbing out of a window and onto the roof of a tower.
the character is named loop. created back in my first year in college, he was my male human model for test animations. his name was not inspired by anything animation related, but rather roller coasters. most of the characters in his story are named after roller coaster terms.

bouncing = running

i animated a ball bouncing. then i gave it people parts. this is how a bouncing ball can be applied to a running person. it kinda looks like pac man. click the "click" to see the nondifference.

car chase animation

garden state parkway has it's share of hazards. mostly though, i wanted to animate cars moving like fish or slugs. the wheels really serve no purpose. they move around like they aren't even touching the ground. i also enjoy a good smoke effect.