Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Stuff

i was browsing through my old hard drive looking at some stuff i did a long time ago. most of it's poop, but i liked these two. personal nostalgia. both of these were done purely for fun. i tend to like stuff i do just randomly and improvised more then i like stuff i planned out meticulously.

this is a thing i did one weekend over two years ago. i still like it, thus it emerges from the depths of my old hard drive and finds its way here. i remember this weekend i was also doing an animation test for a show, but i have the attention span of me, so i kept fiddling around. and ended up having this thing i was far more proud of then my test.

if you know me, you know i make paper cranes all the time like a crazy person. i did this with tinfoil paper when i was 18 six years ago. i used tape to hold the thing down so it wouldn't slide around while i was folding. i suppose this could be used as a tutorial to make your own crane. i was super into stop motion when i was younger. not counting mario paint, my first finished animated shorts were stop motions of my action figures from when i was a tween.