Friday, July 16, 2010

dragonball zoo

i just got a brand new car (from 1993), so for the past few weeks ive been going to the LA Zoo on sundays to draw the aminals. these are my favorite results of said trips.

monkeys / apes / pretty much the same thing
the big orangoutang on the top left is trying to jam a stick into a water bottle.

things they fight at the circus
the floating poop at the upper left is actually a hippo. scientists say that hippos are actually evolved from floating poop.

things with four legs but never use them
the actual rhino has no horn. but if youll notice, he looks far happier when i draw one anyway. the zebra in the bottom left isnt dead, it was scratching its back by twisting around in the dirt.

things that are practically dinosaurs
that weird dinosaur bird thing's name is really long. i looked at the sign, and immediately knew i wouldnt even attempt to pronounce it in my head. then, a four year old girl walked past me, and said it correctly on her first try. even after hearing her say it, i still couldnt do it.

things that are adorable
yes, that monkey is giving the other one a blow job. yes, they hugged after. no, he never called. yes, it was damaging to the children present.


  1. great animal studies! wooowee

  2. These are really charming! I think my favorites are your orangutans and rhino's.

  3. wow these are fantastic studies! :) makes me want to go to the zoo now